You have chosen a special place to live. Our two story condos, with front and back patios, are the closest style of living to a home-one that also has a swimming pool and volleyball court. Your landlord should have provided you with our "Resident Guide" that details the general policies that we follow at Kenbrooke Ct. along with keys to the swimming pool and basement of your building.
Our location is conveniently close to WMU and we enjoy the high energy and friendliness of the many students who reside here. We have a few more considerations and rules than an apartment complex because Kenbrooke is a permanent home to many of our residents.

Listed below are some rules and suggestions that will enhance the community aspect of the condominium lifestyle;

* It is important that you inform your guest(s) that we have assigned parking and that they should use the visitor spaces. The parking lots are patrolled regularly and cars will be towed if they are parked in a no parking area.
* It's a good idea to introduce yourself to your next-door neighbors and exchange phone numbers to use in emergency situations and to communicate concerns of excessive noise.
* Although co-owners are allowed to have a dog, tenants that have permission to have a dog need to pick up after their pet, failure to comply could lead to eviction if they violate our rules. There are doggy stations posted at key spots in Kenbrooke's campus.
* Please keep the laundry and storage room areas secure by closing the door tightly when you leave.
* If you experience rusty water, run the water in the bathtub until it runs clear. Do not run the kitchen faucet as the debris may clog the filter.
* Fall is the time for wasps and hornets to build nests for winter. Keep a spray handy to kill insects. Be aware that they may like to use a mailbox. Locate a nest before calling for service. (Wasps and hornets may be a serious issue for residents that have allergies.)
* The swimming pool will be open for a few weeks yet. Enjoy the September weather.

Tenants are reminded to keep their landlords informed of any maintenance or landscaping concerns. We are interested in keeping Kenbrooke Court a pleasant place for all to live.


Rules for Board Members

The following are the rules for board members KCCA is looking to adopt.

  1. Attend board meetings regularly. As individuals, board members have the responsibility to take the initiative to resign from the board if they find themselves unable to fulfill their commitment of regular attendance and participation in board meetings, or if they do not feel able to support the decisions made by the board of directors.
  2. Make sure that KCCA keeps written, permanent record of all board minutes and official actions.
  3. Exercise general supervision over KCCA affairs in close cooperation with the management company.
  4. Acquire reasonable knowledge of issues and be careful to use a great deal of common sense when making decisions regarding KCCA affairs.
  5. Diligently pursue warning signs that something is wrong.
  6. Insist on organized, meaningful board meetings with full disclosure of operating results.
  7. Require that KCCA employ a professional auditing service to perform a complete audit at the end of each fiscal year.
  8. Require that KCCA engage competent legal council. Such council should not be a board member or a co-owner, i.e. should be a non-interested party.
  9. Require that any special communities make reports at the board meetings when appropriate.
  10. Authorize appropriate association indebtedness.
  11. Get to know the other members of the board and appropriate representatives of the management company.
  12. Know, adopt and follow sound business practices and policies.
  13. Avoid self-serving policies. *
  14. Avoid conflict of interest. *
  15. When the board takes action that would affect a board member or the family or associate of a board member, the member must abstain from participating in the discussion and voting on such matters. The abstention must be recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
  16. See to it that KCCA maintains a good credit rating and financial standing.
  17. Review periodically the adequacy of the association insurance program.
  18. Acquire proper knowledge of the Kenbrooke Court properties and system of operation in order to assume proper responsibility in assisting in managing it effectively.
  19. Legal actions against boards of directors of non-profit organizations have led to an increased awareness of the need for the individual board member to be alert to her/his conduct when making key decisions for the organization. No individual board member, regardless of knowledge, expertise, or community contacts, has any right or authority to act upon her/his own in the name of the board or association unless delegated specific authority by the board.

    * This includes such things as participating in or condoning “kickbacks”, “finders fees”, accepting personal favors from vendors or the management company and in becoming involved in private dealings in matters of association business.

Our new dues collection procedure.

The board has adopted a policy regarding collection of late association fees.

As of January 01, 2006, any co-owner with fees overdue by fifteen days will receive a notice of collection, any fees not paid in full by the forty forth day beyond due date shall have an additional fee of $87.50 added for attorney fees incurred on the forty fifth day.

Any delinquent co-owner(s) shall be responsible for any and all fees incurred by the association to collect fees due the association, which include but are not limited to: attorney fees, court cost, administrative fees, fines and any other cost or interest associated with fees, which are incurred in collecting past due amounts.


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