Welcome to Co-owners of Kenbrooke Court

You have made an investment in a unique townhouse community.
Our colorful history includes a conversion from "The Hamlet Townhomes" apartments built in 1965 to "Kenbrooke Court Condominiums" in 1976. Kenbrooke buildings exterior appearance began as alternating olive, gold and rust stained siding and was changed to 2 shades of brown in 1977 then changed to 2 shades of beige vinyl siding, white gutters and green shutters in 2001.
Our residents are a diverse mixture of ages; blending the lifestyles of high energy university students with first time homeowners and long-term residents.

At the time of your purchase,you should receive a copy of the master Deed and By-Laws. You may purchase a set from our management company also. These documents dictate our management structure and provide rules and regulations that govern resident behavior. Over the years, the Board of Directors has enacted policies in compliance with the By-Laws.

Kenbrooke also offers a handbook which includes pertinent sections from our Master Deed and By-Laws, additional polices as adopted by the Board of Directors, and guidelines for improving tour condominium. The most commonly used sections of the handbook are posted under "handbook" at Kenbrooke.com main page.

For further information you may call our management company. You are encourage to attend our Board of Directors' meeting to hear current plans and express concerns and suggestions.